Definition of klipfish in English:



  • A small bottom-dwelling fish, typically found in shallow water or rock pools.

    Clinus and other genera, family Clinidae: several species, in particular the brightly coloured C. superciliosus

    • ‘Salted codfish and dried klipfish can be supplied in bales of 25 and 50 kg net, in wooden cases of 50 kg net, in cartons of 25 kg and 10 kg net.’
    • ‘The exhibits cover production of medicinal cod-liver oil, barrel manufacture and the preparation of, and trade in, salted fish and klipfish.’
    • ‘Species of three of the six families of blennioid fishes occur in South African waters: true blennies, klipfishes and triplefins (Tripterygiidae).’
    • ‘Nowhere else in the world have so many species of klipfishes evolved together in one place, and South Africa is home to 77% of all the species known in this family.’
    • ‘It is a juvenile kelp klipfish, Clinus rotundifrons, one of the rarer klipfishes.’


Late 18th century: partial translation of Dutch klipvis or Danish klipfisk ‘rock fish’.