Definition of kitchen sink in English:

kitchen sink


  • 1A sink in a kitchen, used for washing dishes and preparing food.

    ‘the traditional view of women as dedicated housewives tied to the kitchen sink is all but extinct’
    • ‘Do not store in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp places.’
    • ‘Also, sensors embedded in bathtub drains and kitchen sinks could check for patterns of secretions which indicate disease.’
    • ‘You can do this stretch with a golf cart at the course, at your kitchen sink at home or even behind your desk at work.’
    • ‘From a large metal canister on the counter next to the kitchen sink she produced three cups of baking flour.’
    • ‘Inside they found mouldy plates and pans in the kitchen sink and clothing covered with cat hairs and flea eggs.’
    • ‘I can no longer even see the taps in the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘On the other are the chauvinist die-hards who think all women should be back at the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘It is not a good idea to use the kitchen sink; consider the laundry room sink, bathtub or bathroom sink.’
    • ‘My kitchen sink is made of metal.’
    • ‘There are even a couple dozen in the cupboard space beneath the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘The washer is lightweight and fits in any kitchen sink, using an economical power consumption of 0.12 kw per wash cycle!’
    • ‘Maria nodded and again proceeded to her cupboard over the kitchen sink, this time bringing out a deep bowl.’
    • ‘One place to check is the pipes in the ceiling directly under the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘Her going caused the most upheaval, however, as she unscrewed the kitchen sink, rolled up the carpets and peeled off the wallpaper.’
    • ‘She left the room with board and brushes to wash them in the kitchen sink.’
    • ‘No, replies the playwright, that is a few notches up from their world; a genuine kitchen sink is what they dream about having!’
    • ‘The owner, in her 60s, had no idea the painting hanging over her kitchen sink for the past 40 years was a work by Scottish colourist Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell.’
    • ‘Recently, my daughter was searching for a plumber to install a new kitchen sink.’
    • ‘My mother giving Sadie a bath in the kitchen sink of our rental apartment.’
    • ‘At 6.30 am, I saw the water was above the kitchen sink.’
    1. 1.1as modifier (of art forms) characterized by great realism in the depiction of drab or sordid subjects. The term is most used of post-war British drama, such as John Osborne's Look Back in Anger (1956) and Arnold Wesker's Roots (1959), which used working-class domestic settings rather than the drawing rooms of conventional middle-class drama.
      • ‘This is much more effective than any kitchen-sink realism could ever be.’
      • ‘It simply doesn't work - not least because kitchen-sink realism, often wonderful in films, is one of the most inert of all theatrical forms and the most boring for an audience to watch.’
      • ‘‘It's not your Ken Loach, kitchen-sink treatment of a working-class upbringing, that's for sure,’ he says.’
      • ‘Written in 1958, this kitchen-sink drama was the work of a 19-year-old salesgirl who had left school at 16.’
      • ‘It represents an encouraging change from the diet of mind-numbing police shows, insular kitchen-sink dramas and cynical comedies about working class families currently dominating local television.’
      true to life, lifelike, true, truthful, faithful, real-life, close, naturalistic, authentic, genuine, representational, graphic, convincing
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  • everything but the kitchen sink

    • humorous Everything imaginable.

      • ‘Nuisance notwithstanding, he still agrees with the logic behind using everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘The guy just got hit with everything but the kitchen sink and still hadn't gone down.’
      • ‘The kitchen needs to look at its salads which contain everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘Some firms, such as Hammonds, throw in everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘Beber treats the story as a soap opera and throws in everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘Engineers keep cramming in everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘For a sustained spell they threw everything but the kitchen sink at the visitors.’
      • ‘During his fits of rage, everything but the kitchen sink came out of his mouth.’
      • ‘All were function tested with everything but the kitchen sink.’
      • ‘Wanderers threw everything but the kitchen sink at their opponents in the first half, but Bucks stood firm.’
      everything, the full treatment
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