Definition of kissing gourami in English:

kissing gourami


  • An edible SE Asian freshwater fish which is widely kept in aquaria. Individuals sometimes press their fleshy lips together, probably as a threat display.

    Helostoma temminickii, family Helostomatidae

    • ‘The way to tell the difference between male and female kissing gourami is to look at their sides.’
    • ‘Shallow, slow-moving, and thickly vegetated backwaters are the kissing gourami's natural habitat.’
    • ‘Still other families of the labyrinth fish, such as the kissing gouramis, allow their eggs to float along the surface of the water.’
    • ‘The kissing gourami is a peaceful species that should be housed with fishes of similar size and temperament.’
    • ‘The kissing gouramis we have pictured are a popular choice because the males are not actually kissing but ‘sparring’ or pushing.’