Definition of kissing gate in English:

kissing gate


  • A small gate hung in a U- or V-shaped enclosure, letting one person through at a time.

    • ‘Go through a kissing gate, along a field and then through another gate.’
    • ‘So we were in good spirits as we dropped down towards Normanby, passed scrub of yellow flower and red hip, then a kissing gate, orchard, and a yew hedge sculpted in the shape of pottery kilns.’
    • ‘The site will be officially opened to the public in spring, when a kissing gate is installed at the roadside.’
    • ‘The walk follows flat riverside pastures for virtually all the way, though numerous stiles and kissing gates need to be negotiated and walking boots are essential.’
    • ‘We're walkers and it's a Yorkshire tradition amongst walkers to always kiss at kissing gates.’
    • ‘In a few hundred yards, keep an eye out for a kissing gate on the right.’
    • ‘Go through the kissing gate and follow the track past Loch Aisir on the right.’
    • ‘Cross the road in front of it and join a main path from the right which leads to a wood through a kissing gate along the banks of Blea Tarn.’
    • ‘The new kissing gates were considered a great improvement on the previous stiles but were, apparently, little used for their secondary purpose - at least by Wick Walkers.’
    • ‘Leeds City Council says it has a responsibility to make all its footpaths accessible to all, but if kissing gates are a barrier - what does that mean for stiles or farm gates?’
    • ‘The two kissing gates have been repaired along the Avon Valley Walk.’
    • ‘The route between Richmond and Easby Abbey also has improved access for less able-bodied people after the council's contractors erected kissing gates at either end.’
    • ‘Cyclists will have to dismount and negotiate the pedestrian kissing gate - and that leaves four sets of gates to negotiate from Tadcaster Road to the pool.’
    • ‘Two new kissing gates will be installed to prevent motorcycles from speeding across the nature reserve, and disabled access will be improved.’
    • ‘Walk along the path enclosed by old metal railings, through a metal kissing gate then head straight up the hillside to reach a tumbledown wall and the earthworks of Bank Slack.’
    • ‘Several stiles are crossed before the path reaches a kissing gate behind some houses.’
    • ‘After a kissing gate by a cattle grid, the track rises up towards Buchan.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you can continue along the path, go through a kissing gate and a second gate on the right.’
    • ‘The fence includes stiles, a bridle gate and kissing gates which are fully accessible to push-chairs and wheelchair users.’
    • ‘Harriet is a mother or two young children, who believes there should be more accessible walks for people who do not want to, or cannot, reach the fell tops, or who find stiles, very rocky paths and kissing gates tricky to cope with.’
    barrier, wicket, wicket gate, lychgate, five-barred gate, turnstile
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