Definition of kipper tie in English:

kipper tie


  • A brightly coloured and very wide tie.

    • ‘Funnily enough the main time I ever got bullied was actually at college, where the blokes in the bar took a (not totally unreasonable) dislike to me in the first term, because I was a bit loud and dressed in kipper ties and loud jackets.’
    • ‘I find an old floral kipper tie and cause hysteria in the village library.’
    • ‘But they are uncool records, made by people with moustaches, demi-waves, terrifying trousers and - in some cases - kipper ties.’
    • ‘Who knows… but if flares, kipper ties and tank tops can make a comeback then I guess anything's possible.’
    • ‘However, don't worry, because a Scott talk is not an Open University seminar, there are no kipper ties and brown corduroy jackets.’
    • ‘If management take a stand and insist on a dress code, there would be a roaring trade at every charity shop in town as everyone bought 70's frilly shirts and massive kipper ties!’
    • ‘Were the kipper ties and stacked heels out in force at the Kremlin for New Year's Eve?’
    • ‘Students all got up in dodgy 70s gear: flared cords, kipper ties, massive collars.’
    • ‘My dog doesn't carry an oversized firearm or wear a kipper tie, and my little sister's rabbit has never shown any desire to employ shark-like teeth in an attempt to gnaw my leg off.’
    • ‘Inspired by Charlie Chaplin, the range applies tailoring techniques to modern fabrics and includes shiny green and blue trousers, panel vests in pastel shades worn over vests and kipper ties.’
    • ‘He bought some funky kipper ties in 1983 and he's determined to get his money's worth!’
    • ‘Nestling among the young guns, none of whom have ever worn a kipper tie in anger, there lurk old school comedy relics.’
    • ‘As lapels and kipper ties widened then narrowed, as shirt colours changed from pink to floret-peppered, as trousers flared then funnelled, I defaulted to my balding navy blue blazer and presentation tie.’
    • ‘DJing was merely an extension of one's record collecting and an excuse for you to wear an old suit and a kipper tie’
    • ‘He's in a tailor's shop, and he's got his suit and shoes and the tailor says ‘What about a kipper tie?’’
    • ‘Dave Robertson opted for a wacky, kaleidoscopic suit with a bright orange hat, black and white kipper tie over a ruffled red shirt and glitzy platform boots.’
    • ‘To be truthful, I was distracted by Fred puffing on a pipe in his kipper tie: the contagious cult of celebrity had gripped me!’
    • ‘Blue Nun is about as fashionable as bubble perms, kipper ties and progressive rock.’
    • ‘Think of the pin stripe suit, the kipper tie, the great brown suit fiasco of the 1990s, and you have some idea of the range of flexibility that the suit and tie combo permits.’
    • ‘Despite the absence of kipper ties and late-night programming, the university is more popular with its students than any other, according to last week's National Student Survey.’


kipper tie