Definition of kingfish in English:



  • Any of a number of large sporting fish, many of which are edible.

    • ‘Trio of hapuka, salmon and kingfish each individually prepared and presented on a large platter.’
    • ‘Even when promptly gutted, cleaned, cut into steaks or fillets and then shoved into ice, kingfish is best eaten the day it is caught.’
    • ‘At night, as you dine by oil lamp on kingfish, pilau rice and tropical fruits, the fishing boats set forth once more like Viking ships, their prows cutting through the waves and paddles fighting with the swell.’
    • ‘At Jake's we had crab and akee on toast, followed by kingfish in coconut cream, and wondered whether to make an appointment with the bicycling masseur Joshua Stein.’
    • ‘The menu board also features Caribbean classics like oxtail stew, red snapper, kingfish and curried goat.’