Definition of King Stork in English:

King Stork


  • A tyrannical ruler or leader noted for extremes of oppression.

    See also King Log
    • ‘Rightly or wrongly, the instinct of the common folk rebelled against the greed-in-authority of King Stork, and reversing the fable, inclined instead to King Log.’
    • ‘She had far better resign herself to the rule of King Log - Turkey, than call in King Stork - Russia.’
    • ‘The fable of King Log and King Stork was sometimes quoted.’
    • ‘As soon as the Frogs came to the surface to greet the new king, King Stork caught them in his long bill and gobbled them up.’
    • ‘He sent them King Stork, and King Stork caught the Frogs, one by one, and ate them, till there was not one left.’