Definition of king prawn in English:

king prawn


  • A large edible prawn which is of great commercial value.

    Genus Penaeus, class Malacostraca

    • ‘Nick was disappointed with his King Prawn Buttery Fry: a giant king prawn dipped in spicy crumbs and deep fried, which tasted tough and rubbery.’
    • ‘I do love great food though, lobster and king prawns are a favourite - I like things to be extremely splashy or very simple.’
    • ‘First example for the prosecution was the starter of battered king prawn served in salad cream, an unpleasant and anachronistic concoction, one taste of which had you ready for an evening's wife-swapping.’
    • ‘Lili, after much humming and hawing, decides on the king prawn dansak - sweet and sour king prawns cooked with lentils and pineapple.’
    • ‘Dav's seafood platter offered an impressive range of fish, including two types of salmon, calamari, king prawn, mussels and white fish, all garnished with lemon wedges and deep-fried caper salad.’
    • ‘Next is a Mai Thai risotto with peanut pesto and then a freshwater king prawn with lime hollandaise and grilled vegetables.’
    • ‘Her first research project on her own was in the Tuggerah Lakes tracing the life cycle of the king prawn by sorting through the day's catch and dissecting all of the larval stages she could find.’
    • ‘My king prawn, swordfish and lime kebabs wrapped in streaky bacon and served with spaghetti noodles was an equally pleasant start to what turned out to be a very satisfactory meal.’
    • ‘There were also several house specials which are presumably native to Taiwan, such as mapu tofu (stir fried bean curd with garlic, ginger, minced pork and a spicy sauce), king prawn in hoi sin sauce, and Taiwanese satay.’
    • ‘Still reeling from this first salvo, the artful soy-roasted salmon with Chinese greens, chilli, king prawn and lime that lands soon after is almost too much.’
    • ‘Vicky ordered the king prawn and salmon laksa with noodles, while I went for the cod fillet with chorizo, garlic, spring onion mash and thyme.’
    • ‘This huge platter is a selection of starters recommended by the chef, including fish cakes, prawn cakes, prawn toast, squid in batter, king prawn in batter and crab sticks.’
    • ‘We began with king prawn in garlic and pepper with steamed rice; followed by pad pak ruam (stir fried vegetables), some steamed mussels and then a grouper with chilli sauce.’
    • ‘This hot and spicy king prawn was born off the coast of Spain, where a fisherman discovered him during an early morning casting call.’
    • ‘Favourite seafood dishes include a noted Dover sole and a platter of squid, king prawn, scallops and different oyster sauces.’
    • ‘I was drawn to the king prawn trilussa - prawns in a white wine and rosemary sauce served on a large bed of rice.’
    • ‘He made a divine tuna dish with an avocado salsa and followed it up with king prawn kebabs with Haloumi cheese and fresh pineapple yum!’
    • ‘As our waiter reckoned that fish was La Partenope's staple and speciality, Vicky plumped for the king prawns and langoustines, which had been marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon and parsley before being grilled.’
    • ‘Female king prawns can grow to a much larger size than males - if they survive to their second and third years.’
    • ‘The waiter arrived with a silver tray of lobster, king prawns and grilled sea bass, which he proceeded to shell and fillet proficiently before setting down our plates in front of us.’