Definition of king eider in English:

king eider


  • An Arctic eider duck, the male of which has a red bill and colourful plumage on the head.

    Somateria spectabilis, family Anatidae

    • ‘Before the end of October two of the tracked king eiders were reported shot in southern Upernavik.’
    • ‘In the winter, all king eiders move back to the ocean, where they may be found somewhat farther out from shore than common eiders.’
    • ‘In contrast, king eiders were found primarily in offshore waters more than 10 m deep west of Oliktok Point.’
    • ‘We found 41 nests distributed among 10 islands in Karrak Lake; to our knowledge, this represents the largest number of king eider nests studied at one site.’
    • ‘Another important staging area for king eiders is off the west coast of Banks Island.’