Definition of king crab in English:

king crab


  • 1North American An edible crab of the North Pacific, resembling a spider crab.

    Genus Paralithodes, family Lithodidae

    • ‘This isn't like any supermarket you'll experience anywhere else in the city: the freezers are full of frozen delicacies such as shrimp balls and ready-made dumplings, and giant tanks brim with live lobsters, king crabs and oysters.’
    • ‘Yet others welcome the red king crab, saying its delicious taste and size - the crabs can grow to 22 pounds and measure 4.9 feet across - make it an extremely lucrative catch.’
    • ‘We had champagne toasts, my dad said a blessing over us, and then we had a great dinner with freshly smoked salmon from dad's smoker, and king crab, asparagus, potatoes and white wine.’
    • ‘Spiny king crabs prowl the deep seafloor for live food, eating other crabs and sea stars.’
    • ‘The restaurant's chef, Tadao Takoi, uses fine forest mushrooms, asparagus and Japanese herbs to complement the king crab, lobster and fresh prawns for the festival.’
  • 2

    another term for horseshoe crab
    • ‘Male king crabs have triangular shaped ‘tails’ which are only one third the size of females.’
    • ‘With the exception of a few mites which have returned to a marine way of life, the king crabs, also known as horseshoe crabs, are the only surviving arachnids which now still live in the sea.’
    • ‘The king crab, or ‘horse shoe crab’, is familiar to all boys who live upon the coast or spend their summer vacation at the seaside.’