Definition of king's rook in English:

king's rook


  • Each player's rook on the kingside of the board at the start of a game.

    • ‘The king's rook did not move, so by elimination it was the queen's rook that did move.’
    • ‘The kings are whisked away to safe havens and the king's rooks are brought into play.’
    • ‘In a different game the very same piece of marble might play another role, such as that of white queen's bishop or, conceivably, black king's rook.’
    • ‘If castling is still possible then a penalty is given if one of the rooks has moved; 12 points for the king's rook, 8 points for the queen's rook.’
    • ‘In Karpovian style Burn has cleared with his last two moves the way for the transfer of the king's rook to the queen's side, where Black's position soon becomes critical.’