Definition of kinescope in English:



  • 1A television tube.

    • ‘The spots were done on film rather than kinescope, which helps a lot.’
    • ‘I said, it's better than when we did it - when we first did it, because we did it on kinescope.’
    • ‘The procedure became obsolete when tape came in except that there were some foreign markets where the stations weren't equipped for tape, and if you wanted to sell your shows over there, you had to run kinescopes.’
    • ‘The fantasy itself is ‘drawn out’ of archival TV kinescopes, wondrously haunted artifacts of mid-century media archeology.’
    • ‘It those days, television was distributed for syndication on something they called kinescope, or sixteen millimeter black and white movie film played directly into a machine for conversion to video on local TV stations.’
    1. 1.1 A film recording of a television broadcast.
      • ‘The kinescope is apparently lost but I'm sure it was wonderful.’
      • ‘Since kinescopes of Susskind's shows are tied up in litigation, this cannot be confirmed.’
      • ‘Years later when I watched some old kinescopes, the only part of the show that held my interest was the daily installment of Tom Terrific.’
      • ‘Most importantly: if that kinescope of the show had not been available, he would have - I'm sure - continued to maintain his delusions.’
      • ‘Indeed, the kinescopes suggest that practically from the medium's outset, television producers built their shows for speed: fragmented, episodic, highly visual bursts of energy.’


1930s: originally a proprietary name, from Greek kinēsis ‘movement’ + -scope.