Definition of killing field in English:

killing field


usually killing fields
  • A place where a heavy loss of life has occurred, typically as the result of massacre or genocide.

    ‘the killing fields of southern Africa’
    • ‘The plaintiffs painted graphic scenes of the killing fields of El Salvador.’
    • ‘In the killing fields of the countryside, it was worse.’
    • ‘The sites that he photographs were the worst killing fields of Europe.’
    • ‘The post-Hitler decades have witnessed the rise of other manifestations of fascism and variations of killing fields across the globe.’
    • ‘Oxford is far from the killing fields and the refugee camps.’
    • ‘He knew what he was talking about for he was no stranger to violence, having just come out of the killing fields of the first world war.’
    • ‘And the scene repeats itself endlessly in the rural English countryside - the killing fields are truly what they are.’
    • ‘Without wavering from the lightness and irony of Daisy's narrative tone, she recounts a story of intense, underage first love, and of a war that turns England's country lanes into killing fields.’
    • ‘Just beyond the city, one will also find the infamous killing fields where thousands upon thousands were put to death.’
    • ‘We believe it is obscene that refuges should be turned into killing fields.’
    • ‘Boys left the playing fields of Eton and went straight to the killing fields of Flanders where (they were told) the challenges would be the same even if the consequences were more deadly.’
    • ‘She took a deep breath and wandered through the downpour like an injured soldier dragging himself through the inevitable killing fields which battle conspired to create.’
    • ‘Not having evolved a doctrine for trench warfare, they persisted in sending men protected only by cloth into killing fields miles in extent - until wiser politicians refused to send them more men.’
    • ‘A sudden blast of discordant horns shattered the stillness that had settled over the killing fields.’
    • ‘The bodies of murdered political prisoners continue to be discovered in the military bases of Uruguay and the killing fields of Central America.’
    • ‘These areas have become killing fields where youth increasingly suffer from mal-education, high unemployment, environmental racism and rising influx of drugs and weapons.’
    • ‘Suddenly the rich natural habitat of the river bed becomes the killing fields of Clonaslee.’
    • ‘My colleague escaped the terrifying experience of the killing fields, earned her doctorate, teaches biology; she nurtured her frail mother and sent her daughter off to grad school.’
    • ‘In front of the car park is a dome structure, at the centre of which is a glass case filled with the broken remains of guns, helmets, Korans and other relics of soldiers' lives collected from these killing fields.’
    • ‘Instead they act as buffer zones; liminal spaces between the dark violence of the city centre and the equally heartless killing fields otherwise known as nature.’