Definition of killick in English:



  • 1A heavy stone used by small craft as an anchor.

    • ‘On the right, a killick, or home-made anchor using a specially selected killick-stone wedged into a natural-grown tree fork.’
    • ‘Lobsters were fished at that time using ‘set lines’ which were run straight out from shore and anchored at each end with a killick, a homemade anchor fashioned of rocks, sticks, and rope.’
    1. 1.1 A small anchor.
      • ‘When we got round the horn my boys, we had some glorious days. And very soon our killick dropped in Valparaiso bay.’
      • ‘The defining feature of a killick is that you cannot not trip over it.’
      • ‘The killick knot secured the anchor rope to the wooden part of the ‘killick’.’
      • ‘Anchor and killick went down, JOLLY ROSE swung to, and he fastened everything snug and tight.’
    2. 1.2British nautical slang A leading seaman.
      • ‘I seem to recall that one apprentice went ashore one Saturday afternoon with a killick he knew.’
      • ‘I was the only Able Seaman on the course along with two killicks, two petty officers and four warrant officers.’


Mid 17th century: of unknown origin.