Definition of killer instinct in English:

killer instinct


  • A ruthless determination to succeed or win.

    ‘he had that hunger, that killer instinct’
    ‘he urged his players to find their killer instinct’
    • ‘Add a sales season in Singapore and I get nearly as vicious as the grandmother you only let out for the Christmas shopping so as to hone her killer instinct.’
    • ‘I don't have the killer instinct or that degree of ruthlessness which you need to succeed on your own.’
    • ‘With a little more luck and a killer instinct, Cork's footballers could be perched on the summit of Division 1A and not staring at the relegation zone.’
    • ‘He still has the killer instinct and no patience, but he does his fighting in boardrooms.’
    • ‘Everybody has said that you have the drive, you have the focus, you have the killer instinct.’
    • ‘But if I can get back the killer instinct to win, anything's possible.’
    • ‘Starting proceedings off at the early time of 4 pm the Flames showed yet again that they are a very potent team with a killer instinct.’
    • ‘The Blues' passing was smooth and cultured, but was too often one-paced and they lacked a killer instinct in attack.’
    • ‘And she has a killer instinct for nailing the story.’
    • ‘That indicates an absence of the vital killer instinct.’
    • ‘If they had possessed the killer instinct or the guile of the Castletown men they could well have ended their reign.’
    • ‘Lecturing on tennis at his home club, he urges his listeners to play to win, even to have a killer instinct, but always to be sportsmanlike.’
    • ‘An above-average group of players who combine to masquerade as a worthwhile footballing side at times, it is the killer instinct that has left them flailing about at the foot of the table.’
    • ‘England have developed a killer instinct that makes them worthy of respect with bat, ball and in the field - but we can take on any side, anywhere’
    • ‘With a killer instinct, the council went worldwide to woo new industries to Swindon and was successful in a way that would have cheered any champion of ruthless free enterprise.’
    • ‘Opponents are normally there to be crushed, but when you go to dinner with that opponent, shop with her and discuss your personal life with her, it is hard to whip up a killer instinct.’
    • ‘He has the ambition, but lacks the killer instinct.’
    • ‘But a mature respect for the competition tempers the killer instinct.’
    • ‘Some will say that unlike his feistier brother, he lacks the same killer instinct and aggression to make it to the very highest echelons.’
    • ‘That Ireland didn't suffer on the scoreboard was down to a lack of a killer instinct, which the visitors have previously shown to be something of an Achilles' heel.’