Definition of Killarney fern in English:

Killarney fern


  • A rare bristle fern which grows on rocks by streams in a few parts of western Europe.

    Trichomanes speciosum, family Hymenophyllaceae

    • ‘A study was currently being carried out on the Killarney fern which was found on the route of the proposed Dungarvan Outer bypass which was at the planning and design stage.’
    • ‘Burbridge was particularly pleased by a nine-feet long by three-feet-wide bank of Killarney ferns, and observed that there were probably more Killarney ferns growing there than could be found in Killarney!’
    • ‘Others, like the Killarney fern, are found in Ireland and other parts of Europe.’
    • ‘Although primarily a species of the UK, Ireland, Brittany and the Atlantic Islands (Canaries, Madeira and the Azores), the Killarney fern is also found in Europe at scattered locations in other parts of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.’