Definition of kill file in English:

kill file


  • (in a Usenet program) a file into which one may put particular email addresses or keywords, posts from or containing which are then automatically deleted without being displayed.

    • ‘Perhaps, however, Alan's call has been heeded and kill files like that are no longer in use?’
    • ‘She was thinking of putting him into her killfile.’
    • ‘Put the troll's name on a kill file to prevent that username from posting anything again.’
    • ‘More of a PC gamer myself, I along with most gamers, shop online, use eBay, know what killfiles are and know not to panic when the latest internet virus warning does the rounds.’
    • ‘So: remember that the Conspiracy is configured to allow readers to exclude particular co-Conspirators, kind of like a killfile on Usenet.’


  • with object Place (something) in a kill file.

    • ‘Is being killfiled the email equivalent of being nuked or being threatened with germ warfare?’
    • ‘I have killfiled everyone! Including myself!’
    • ‘For instance, if you choose to killfile someone, you needn't post a daily reminder that killfiles are great because you don't see so-and-so's posts anymore.’