Definition of kilikiti in English:



mass noun
  • An informal version of cricket which originated in Samoa, with no fixed number of players.

    ‘all day they played kilikiti with sticks from the trees as wickets’
    • ‘The destination is known for its rugby and the national sport of kilikiti, the Samoan version of cricket which involves singing and dancing and is a social event played by all members of the family.’
    • ‘Kilikiti, a form of cricket played on the islands of Polynesia, is one of the strangest sporting legacies of the British Empire.’
    • ‘This Red Riding Hood is from West Mumuland and her journey south is full of surprises - singing chickens, talking trees, a kilikiti team, hip hop dancers and of course the Big Bad Wolf!’
    • ‘Facilities for Samoa's traditional "kilikiti" sport will be based at Ngati Otara Park.’
    • ‘Kilikiti - the word is a Polynesian corruption of "cricket" - features teams of up to 50, including women.’
    • ‘But the accident didn't hamper his love for sport as played as goal-keeper for the school's first XI football side, besides stints with rugby, softball and Kilikiti.’
    • ‘Playing sports is a big part of living in Samoa, many open fields are almost daily used for a game of rugby, soccer or kilikiti -- the Samoan cricket version.’
    • ‘"Young people do not want to play kilikiti any more," he said, as he prepared to occupy the crease.’
    • ‘You could see it in the games of kilikiti at the roadside, whole villages passionately absorbed in their peculiar form of cricket played with a three-sided bat and a ball made from leaves.’
    • ‘Tokelau's young people used to swim and surf in their spare time, or played a Tokelauan version of cricket called Kilikiti.’