Definition of kidney-shaped in English:



  • Shaped like a kidney, with one side concave and the other convex and with rounded ends.

    • ‘If you really want the most up-to-the-minute table, then kidney-shaped ones like those from the '50s are also showing up in trendy apartments everywhere.’
    • ‘The double storey thatched roof mansion has a huge kidney-shaped pool, a tennis court and manicured lawns with shrubs trimmed into globes.’
    • ‘Had I been in possession of such information I would probably be living in a palatial villa on the Cote d' Azur with kidney-shaped pool and tennis court.’
    • ‘The shape varies but it is usually ovate, kidney-shaped, or bean-shaped.’
    • ‘Instead, I removed the tough inner shell too, exposing the bright green kidney-shaped bean.’
    • ‘Dropping the tiny device into a kidney-shaped bowl she squirted it with distilled water from a plastic bottle to wash away the dark red blood and poked at it with the forceps.’
    • ‘Yet now, apparently, these well-off travellers are turning their nose up at cocktails beside kidney-shaped pools in tropical climes, and heading for… Blackpool.’
    • ‘In-ground pools come in a variety of shapes (oval, square, kidney-shaped, or a combination) while above ground pools are typically only round or oval.’
    • ‘Wesley fumbles in the top drawer of his nightstand and jabs the kidney-shaped button in his ear.’
    • ‘The first samples of the new beans to reach Europe, in the 16th century, were of a dark red, kidney-shaped variety, so giving rise to the common English name kidney beans.’
    • ‘There was a kidney-shaped pool located out back, where we would often spend our summers tanning.’
    • ‘Would those be the same neglected souls even now lolling in their own kidney-shaped pools, flush with advertising awards whose value Paglia wouldn't think of noting?’
    • ‘Originally brought back from the New World in the 16th century, this white kidney-shaped bean is now grown specifically in the region of Tarbes, a town in the Hautes-Pyrénées.’
    • ‘It is childish to look for a political colour in a row of Classical columns, and it is equally ridiculous to claim that a concrete wall or kidney-shaped table expresses the projects of a libertarian, democratic regime.’
    • ‘Their excentrically located, usually kidney-shaped nucleus, which is always darker than in the fibroblasts, is a secure criterion for their identification.’
    • ‘The secondary structure is essentially maintained, the major difference between the starting and final structures being a relative rotation of the two lobes of the kidney-shaped protein due to a longitudinal twisting of the molecule.’
    • ‘The platforms feature kidney-shaped canopies, which lend the station much of its dramatically modern appeal.’
    • ‘We roused our little sister out of slumber, and made her dress up as a camel, by carrying a small kidney-shaped coffee-table on her back, sideways on, and covering her with a brown blanket.’
    • ‘There was a kind of a mosh pit occurring in the much smaller, much shallower kidney-shaped swimming pool to our right.’
    • ‘And the view from the back reveals a kidney-shaped pool, tennis courts and Smith's meditation area, which is surrounded by greenery.’