Definition of kickstand in English:



  • A metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle, lying horizontally when not in use, that may be kicked into a vertical position to support the vehicle when it is stationary.

    • ‘Hopping aboard my Zellers-purchased Ridge Racer, flipping the kickstand aloft and drifting out into the Kanata streets en route to work.’
    • ‘Kaeldra snapped the kickstand aside, uttered a few necessary words and the motorcycle roared to life.’
    • ‘Gandoff stopped the motorcycle and kicked down the kickstand.’
    • ‘He popped his bike on the kickstand, and undid his helmet strap… to reveal curly blond hair, and freckly, soft looking skin.’
    • ‘Another one involved me and a bunch of friends sitting around on motorcycles talking about them and flipping our kickstands and stuff.’