Definition of kicksorter in English:



  • A device for analysing electrical pulses according to amplitude.

    • ‘Description of the 100 channel kicksorters and the transistorized scalers employed in data collecting is presented, as is similar information on the uniselector, electrical timing cycle, interlocks, encoder, readout programs for the kicksorters and scaling stations and punched tapes of the data recording system.’
    • ‘They were able to do so because they had superb facilities - the NRX and NRU reactors, excellent equipment - the very best amplifiers, scalers, and kicksorters, the first silicon particle detectors and the first lithium drifted germanium detectors, dedicated and expert technicians, and of course, theoretical physicists who believed what the experimentalists were doing was important.’
    • ‘The angular correlation between the successive K-conversion electrons from the de-excitation of 4.4-hourBr has been investigated, using anthracene scintillation spectrometers in conjunction with coincidence single-channel kicksorters.’