Definition of kick up (a) dust in English:

kick up (a) dust


  • Create a disturbance.

    • ‘So, as consumers look to frozen novelties for a fun, indulgent treat as they have for decades, the better-for-you land rush continues to kick up dust.’
    • ‘Yet it seems to an area where few are prepared to kick up dust to repair.’
    • ‘If we do too much to kick up dust, we might create enough clouds to change the climate.’
    • ‘People using the entry at Charlotte St which connects as a short cut to Clermount Gardens are kicking up a dust about activity in the Lane at night, when the place turns into another drinking den.’
    • ‘And one more Florida native hops on the trance bandwagon that's zooming across the planet, kicking up dust at every rave from Halifax to Ho Chi Mihn City.’
    • ‘A bunch of young Pakistani players kicked up dust and memories at Bangalore's Chinnaswamy Stadium on January 27.’
    • ‘A deal like this was bound to kick up dust in Washington.’
    make a fuss, kick up a fuss, cause a row, cause a commotion, cause a disturbance, cause uproar, cause a fracas, cause a rumpus, make a racket
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