Definition of kick the tyres in English:

kick the tyres


North American
  • Inform oneself about the quality of a product, service, etc. before buying.

    ‘borrowers should be sure to kick the tyres on that offer before signing up’
    ‘they kicked the tyres but decided not to buy the property’
    • ‘Right now we are in a very close contest as the voters lift the hood and kick the tyres and make an assessment.’
    • ‘I'm not going to bring a fare increase to the board based on these circumstances, until we have this top-to-bottom review and until I'm convinced we've kicked the tires on it.’
    • ‘The rumor of the weekend, of course, was that the company was hanging out in Finland kicking the tires on a huge potential merger.’
    • ‘Typically, companies parcel out the initial sign-up invitations to a select few, asking that they kick the tires and offer feedback.’
    • ‘The company has begun kicking the tires of online music services as it rethinks its strategy, which hinges on streaming media, not downloads.’
    • ‘He puts a lot of emphasis on fundamental research, and going out to companies and kicking the tires.’
    • ‘People can "kick the tires" on college finance sources for the best deals.’
    • ‘As many of you know, she is kicking the tires of colleges right now.’
    • ‘With millions of dollars at stake on a single player, it's hard to fault the franchises for repeatedly kicking the tires.’
    • ‘Give me a log in and a password; I want to get in and look around and kick the tires.’
    • ‘A team of scouts has kicked the tires and slammed the doors on these and many, many more free agents and knows which players are a good buy for which teams.’
    • ‘We've got to kick the tires of these candidates, see what they're about.’
    • ‘They're kicking the tires on the opposition parties.’
    • ‘The British have kicked the tires and are now taking their biometric passport scheme out for a test drive.’
    • ‘Australia's biggest renewable energy company is trying to flog itself to the highest bidder—and plenty of global players have been kicking the tyres.’