Definition of kick the tin in English:

kick the tin


  • Contribute money to a cause.

    ‘if your business would like to kick the tin, there's a range of sponsorship packages’
    • ‘If you want to kick the tin to help raise a joey, phone us now.’
    • ‘Whether you are a carer, a fundraiser for research into illnesses, or someone who always kicks the tin and donates, your efforts are appreciated.’
    • ‘Rather unnecessarily I thought, 'I'm kicking the tin for a few others as well so you needn't mention this.'’
    • ‘It has been kicking the tin for a year already with cash for us.’
    • ‘While the federal transport minister repeatedly says he doesn't have to contribute a cent, she is keen for them to kick the tin again.’
    • ‘Even when we come in and kick the tin, you do not accept it; you want more and more.’
    • ‘We have worked within the system, “kicking the tin,” participating in Safety Board hearings, and even providing congressional testimony when necessary.’