Definition of kick around (or about) in English:

kick around (or about)

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a thing) lie unwanted or unexploited.

    ‘the idea has been kicking around for over a year’
    • ‘What sort of people have £50,000 kicking around?’
    • ‘The notion has been kicking around since late November and the very fact that it has taken me until late January to look at it shows where it figures on my Richter Scale.’
    • ‘Those pics are nearly 10 years old, they were kicking about on the net months ago.’
    • ‘Then, a couple years later, I was writing a movie with Chris at Paramount, and the producers asked me if I had anything kicking around, because they liked the work I was doing.’
    • ‘That debate's been kicking around for decades now.’
    • ‘Well, thankfully I don't have a gun kicking around my New York apartment.’
    • ‘Working in a bank, it's odd to see that people still have old notes and coins kicking about which they bring in from time to time to exchange.’
    • ‘Virtually any company with about $20,000 kicking around could find a game designer to produce them a fun game, which they can then give away for free as advertising.’
    • ‘That's an awful long time for an application to be kicking around the patent office.’
    • ‘Some of the songs on here have been kicking around for years.’
    1. 1.1 (of a person) drift idly from place to place.
      ‘I kicked around picking up odd jobs’
      • ‘Lowe has been kicking around the British folk music scene long enough to have influenced many of his contemporaries.’
      • ‘Wolfe's been kicking around frat houses to do his research.’
      • ‘In 1970, after a few years kicking around the live music scene, Collins answered a classified ad seeking a drummer and joined Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford to form Genesis.’
      • ‘They appear to have been kicking around Milwaukee for a good decade now, putting out cassettes and such.’
      • ‘Bands who have been kicking around for a couple of years just aren't interested.’
      • ‘It is a second career for both of them: trained in horticulture, the Whittles went abroad in their late twenties, kicking around for five years before settling down on Vancouver Island, Canada.’
      • ‘We were kicking around Napa when we stumbled upon the CIA's campus, and I remember hearing their food was great and their prices were relatively cheap.’
      • ‘Hey is it just me, or is her hair ludicrously overdone for someone who just kicks around school and Ramsay Street all day?’
      • ‘Meantime, he kicks around 13th Street, living in an apartment above the newsstand.’
      • ‘Kelly Willis has kicked around record labels nearly as much as her family kicked around the country while she was growing up.’