Definition of kick-and-rush in English:



  • Denoting soccer played vigorously but with little skill.

    • ‘The imprecise passing system means the gorgeous flowing football is replaced with a fast-paced kick-and-rush style of play.’
    • ‘In response, Canada continue to play their kick-and-rush, aggressive style, in a particularly in-your-face way against the Americans.’
    • ‘The London media were desperate for Bolton to fail; acres of newsprint were devoted to comparisons between West Ham's homegrown stars and Bolton's ragbag of imports, between West Ham's beautiful football and Bolton's kick-and-rush game.’
    • ‘To describe this as kick-and-rush football would be to exaggerate its quality.’
    • ‘The First Division is obviously quicker, but it's by no means all kick-and-rush stuff in the Third.’
    • ‘I would still rather watch a good tactical game rather than the kick-and-rush tactics of the premiership.’
    • ‘To be honest, some of the games we played last season turned into kick-and-rush affairs, but I am looking forward to my players being allowed to play a bit more football in the Second Division.’
    • ‘Ilkley's midfield found it hard to get into the game, as the home team's kick-and-rush tactics were well suited to the short pitch, with the midfield often being by-passed.’