Definition of kibbutz in English:



  • A communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm.

    • ‘I grew up on a border kibbutz in Israel, on the front line of the 1967 war.’
    • ‘In most cases, the sites of destroyed villages are not submerged under housing projects, but have been covered over by national forests or have been handed over to economically stagnant kibbutzim.’
    • ‘In the epilogue, one example of socialism that ‘worked’ is held up in the kibbutzim of Israel.’
    • ‘All I know is that when I was 17 I went to Israel to work on a kibbutz for seven months, and when I came back I was half a foot taller, and my voice had broken.’
    • ‘The pioneering moshavs and kibbutzes first planted vines in 1976, and initially the grapes were sold to the large coastal cooperatives.’
    • ‘The progression of kibbutzes from socialist ideals to capitalism tells an interesting tale of structural change.’
    • ‘Explore the workings of democracy in a vibrant community; get to know the kibbutz through its leaders; learn about the history of the kibbutz movement.’
    • ‘Other studies of kibbutzim have found helping behavior between organizations that share ideologies.’
    • ‘She travelled to France and went on to live on a kibbutz in Israel where she experienced the realities of living in a socialist constructed life.’
    • ‘Some went to live on collective farms, the kibbutzim, which were among Israel's most imaginative innovations.’
    • ‘She went to Israel for seven months to work on a kibbutz, came home and trained as a masseur.’
    • ‘Moreover, she says, the way decisions are made today about building in kibbutzim does not permit a real participation of the potential occupants.’
    • ‘After graduating he cofounded a kibbutz, working with others to transform deserts into green pastures and orchards.’
    • ‘As the kibbutzim grew prosperous, the idealism faded.’
    • ‘And so I arrived in Israel, still 19, to work on a kibbutz, and found myself among people who had no means of checking anything I said.’
    • ‘On the kibbutz they farmed avocado, bananas and dates, and ran a dairy farm and a small industrial tools factory.’
    • ‘In the past 20 years, the kibbutzes have lost one-fourth of their population and members today number 120,000, a small fraction of Israel's 7 million people.’
    • ‘Today, the Golan Winery is a company owned by four kibbutzes and four moshavs.’
    • ‘Paths lined with eucalyptus planted by the early Jewish settlers lead to thriving kibbutzim, to guesthouses and fine restaurants.’
    • ‘Our first night is spent in one of the oldest kibbutzim in Israel, En Gev in the Golan Heights.’
    community, colony, outpost, encampment
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1930s: from modern Hebrew qibbūṣ ‘gathering’.