Definition of kiang in English:



  • An animal of a large race of the Asian wild ass with a thick furry coat, native to the Tibetan plateau.

    Equus hemionus kiang, family Equidae; sometimes treated as a separate species. Compare with onager, kulan

    • ‘The range of kiangs overlap with the pasture of some nomads at the southern part of the reserve.’
    • ‘A man from Nyima County told us that the number of kiangs in the county reached 400,000-500,000.’
    • ‘The following day, after finding an unmapped spring where we are able to water the camels, we cross a mountain pass into yet another seemingly endless plain, where we see more wild camels, wild sheep, and kiangs.’
    • ‘In some villages of Nyalam County, bharals and kiangs ate 40 percent of highland barley each year.’
    • ‘But the number of wild animal species began to drop from the early 1980s, with Tibetan antelopes and wild kiangs in danger of extinction.’


Mid 19th century: from Tibetan kyang.