Definition of khayal in English:


(also khyal)


  • A traditional type of song from the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, with instrumental accompaniment and typically having two main stanzas.

    • ‘He composed many classic khayals in major ragas which are sung by exponents of many gharanas today.’
    • ‘The fusion show will consist of ‘familiar’ ghazals, thumris, khayals and a choice of popular Tamil and Hindi film songs, we are told.’
    • ‘She has also performed and composed khyals and bhajans and also sings tappa and thumri styles.’
    • ‘He brings an emotional element to his large repertoire of khyals, taranas, thumris with artistry that makes a deep impact on the lay and ininitiated listener alike.’
    • ‘So Raviji told me to sing short pieces and initially I'd shorten a khayal rendition to a mere 20 minutes.’
    • ‘The khayal style of vocal singing has different schools following different style traditions.’
    • ‘Essentially, bara and chota khyals are distinguished from each other by the speed at which they are performed.’
    • ‘A particular idiosyncrasy of his, which never failed to delight me, was to vigorously rub his bald pate with a white towel between khayals.’
    • ‘Among the younger generation, there seems to be a broad-based approach with less weight given to aspects like khayal singing.’
    • ‘As his rendering of khyals and thumris won him unprecedented popularity, he never looked back as a performer.’
    • ‘Joined by his sons on the vocals, plus tablas and droning strings, he performs two khyals and a Pakistani thumri, slightly more uptempo, with rich interplay between the singers.’
    • ‘This was a welcome change from the usual devotion and bhakti themes of khyals.’
    • ‘Well-known khayal and thumri singer Shubha Mudgal inaugurated a sound studio here.’
    • ‘The khayals and taranas, bhajans and abhangas in this programme are composed by Shri Hemant Pendse.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, it is khyal singing we hear on this record, as performed by the Misra brothers.’
    • ‘The khyal form demands improvisational flexibility as well as careful attention to nuances of intonation, phrasing and rhythm.’
    • ‘She learned the art of khayal singing from her mother who in turn was a disciple of one India's greatest masters.’
    • ‘Most khyals and thumris are composed in Braj bhasha, the western literary dialect of Hindi; others in Avadhi, its eastern counterpart, and Punjabi.’
    • ‘If I can present khayals in a more contemporary way, I might be able to spark their interest.’
    • ‘His repertoire consisted of khayals, thumris, ghazals and bhajans.’


From Hindi khayāl.