Definition of khapra beetle in English:

khapra beetle


  • A small dark brown beetle, the larva of which is a serious pest of stored grain and cereal products.

    Trogoderma granarium, family Dermestidae

    • ‘The khapra beetle again appeared in isolated infestations from 1980 to 1983 in California, Maryland, and Michigan.’
    • ‘It is agreed that the groundnut cargo was infested with khapra beetle at the time of shipment.’
    • ‘The Department of Agriculture had planned to destroy the khapra beetles, considered one of the most serious grain-storage pests in the world.’
    • ‘When the container is being packed, infestation by pests such as grain moths, khapra beetles, flour beetles, mites, cockroaches, sawtoothed grain beetles, meal moths, dried fruit moths and rats and mice should be looked for.’
    • ‘The adults and larvae of warehouse and khapra beetles are identical in appearance and require the skills of a trained entomologist to separate the two species under magnification.’


Late 19th century: from Hindi khaprā, from Sanskrit kharpara ‘thief’.


khapra beetle