Definition of khalasi in English:


nounPlural khalasis

  • (in South Asia) a manual worker, especially a docker, porter, or sailor.

    • ‘And at the lowest level, helpers or attendants functioning as bungalow peons might be eventually absorbed into regular service as khalasis and helpers.’
    • ‘There are business visitors, truck drivers and their khalasis, migrant labour and police personnel.’
    • ‘Every night the khalasi walked through the dark tunnel and then stood outside to wave his lamp to the oncoming train as a signal that the track was clear.’
    • ‘On receiving the information, the Dhauliganga project team comprising khalasis and workmen rushed to help.’
    • ‘Quietly, the khalasis, the fisher people and the boatmen had deployed their expertise to the rescue operation, took the lead on their own where no one else could help them.’
    worker, factory worker, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, workman, workwoman, workperson, working man, labourer, operative, hired hand, hireling, roustabout, employee, artisan
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From Urdu ḵalāṣī, ḵalāšī.