Definition of keypunch in English:



  • A device for transferring data by means of punched holes or notches on a series of cards or paper tape.

    • ‘We still have an IBM card reader, card punch, a couple of 083 sorters, and a couple of 129 keypunches.’
    • ‘The cards are compatible with conventional keypunches, and information is recorded on each card by the punching of a pattern of holes, each of which severs an appropriate connection.’
    • ‘The newer 029 keypunches were used by graduate students while undergraduates were limited to using the older 026 keypunch terminals.’
    • ‘Recall the days when students sat in front of keypunches laboriously preparing their programs and then waiting for hours or even days to receive a listing file containing a list of vague error messages.’
    • ‘Usually, fixed format cards documented the format on the top edge of the card, since keypunches almost always printed their textual information along this edge.’
    • ‘Walk into a state-of-the-art data center, and the stark, white-tile, raised-floor visage doesn't appear substantially changed from the days of keypunches and paper tape.’
    • ‘We only had keypunches and everything was couriered to Langmuir.’
    • ‘I first learned to type on a keypunch machine in my father's office.’
    • ‘This worked fine on the old keypunches that punched each column as you typed it, but the newer keypunches waited until you finished the 80th column and then punched the entire card.’
    • ‘I think letting people use a keypunch & sorter is a great idea, however untrained operators may cause you to get a lot of card jams & damage your machines.’
    • ‘However the accompanying text still tells of using keypunches and verifiers to ensure that the data is entered correctly.’
    • ‘It turns out that this was an error, apparently an entry mistake by a keypunch operator.’
    • ‘Keypunches and printers with adequate character sets didn't exist.’
    • ‘Such punch card systems, referred to as keypunches, were the basis of numerical tabulating systems of which IBM was selling over one million dollars worth in 1931.’
    • ‘When the library was started, the Stanford University computing center was a little building with keypunch machines and a line printer.’


[with object]
  • Put (data) into the form of punched cards or paper tape with a keypunch.

    ‘there have been thousands of lines of poetry keypunched in order to produce concordances’
    • ‘The number of trades that are manually keypunched would also be reduced.’
    • ‘‘Tickets went into a bucket at the top of the jetway and were boxed and keypunched in Juarez, Mexico,’ says Kellner.’
    • ‘With this in mind, think of all the time logisticians have spent over the years looking up codes, determining addresses, handwriting or keypunching data, or supervising those who perform these tasks.’
    • ‘Data are keypunched and run through a series of computer checks.’
    • ‘Twenty-one cubic feet of these forms have been keypunched as a statistical sample.’
    • ‘Most automated departments verify keypunched data, that is, information is keypunched twice and the two are compared for transcription errors made during data entry.’
    • ‘Another difference among the states is in the precision with which location of catch data are keypunched.’
    • ‘Cards were keypunched locally for each student and each class and were ‘read’ in Richmond via a telephone line.’
    • ‘Each entry then had to be keypunched by one of the clerks, who kept us on a strict schedule so she didn't get behind in her other important work.’
    • ‘And the cost to keypunch paper lists in an electorate of 3 million voters was clearly too much, given our lack of experience in targeted political direct mail.’
    • ‘The first step in that effort, managed by Hal Malchow, who is now a leader in political direct mail technology, was to build a voter file, mostly by keypunching paper lists from the targeted counties.’
    • ‘Each response was carefully edited and coded before being keypunched and verified.’
    • ‘The forms were mailed to Asheville at the end of the month and then keypunched and verified with a quality-control process.’
    • ‘Following questionnaire approval a survey requires about 1 week for materials production, 6 weeks for data collection, and 3 weeks for editing and keypunching data and writing your reports.’
    • ‘Gloria's first job, fresh out of high school, was to keypunch data secured from dairy barns around the state.’