Definition of keypad in English:



  • A miniature keyboard or set of buttons for operating a portable electronic device, telephone, or other equipment.

    • ‘You must use the number keys in the numeric keypad on the left of your keyboard.’
    • ‘Everyone is familiar with thermoplastic elastomers used in toothbrushes, cellphone keypads or screwdrivers.’
    • ‘Even though the phone is small in size, the keypads are well-designed, so much so that even with my big fingers, I had no problems punching the keys accurately.’
    • ‘Still, dashing around the circular keypad is tough and does not make for lengthy e-mails.’
    • ‘This smartphone has a novel keypad that is well worth a look.’
    • ‘You get to speak to an adviser straightaway after that and don't have to press buttons on your telephone keypad.’
    • ‘Tragically, many of these kids claim they have been using keyboards and keypads for so long, the idea of writing with a pencil scares them silly.’
    • ‘One of the options is the introduction of electronic keypads or touch screens, which make it virtually impossible to spoil ballots.’
    • ‘This technology will do away with the need for complex keypads on mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other handheld products.’
    • ‘It gets lost in my deep trouser pockets, and the keypad buttons are pretty fiddly.’
    • ‘Perhaps the use of a blue-on-blue colour scheme for the keypad was not such a good idea after all.’
    • ‘An electronic scoreboard, controlled by remote keypads operated by the judges, would eliminate the sense of mounting doubt that doubled as suspense at many contests and replace it with the real deal.’
    • ‘Changeable cell phone covers and face plates to suit your mood, the latest holograms, flashing keypads and colorful gemlike keypads can bring a smile to your face.’
    • ‘Spare or replacement batteries are also available, as are keypads, some of which flash.’
    • ‘The bigger keypad and built-in joystick make it much easier to use than its predecessor.’
    • ‘Kids who've grown up playing video games and typing instant messages on mobile phone keypads have developed unusual dexterity in their thumbs, researchers in England have discovered.’
    • ‘The keypad has nice big keys, but it does have a strange layout - the middle row of keys are lower than the rest.’
    • ‘People then use keypads, computers, telephones and television monitors to control the system themselves from either inside the house or from afar.’
    • ‘This phenomenon is also often seen on heavily-used telephone keypads and computer keyboards.’
    • ‘It's perfect for email if you can master the keypad and web browsing is available, albeit confined to a small screen.’
    control panel, instrument panel, dashboard, keyboard
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