Definition of keyholder in English:



  • A person who is entrusted with keeping a key to commercial or industrial premises.

    • ‘We called a keyholder and managed to reach the boy inside.’
    • ‘Humberside Police also operates a scheme in which residents pay a pound a month to register details of their premises and emergency telephone numbers of keyholders.’
    • ‘He said keyholders of some properties had ordered the people occupying the properties to ring them first in the event of a fire.’
    • ‘It seemed unbelievable rudeness for the keyholder to have forgotten the appointment to let this young chap in.’
    • ‘Did the issuer verify that the keyholder controlled the associated private key?’
    • ‘The officials, both keyholders, were ordered to go into work the following day as usual.’
    • ‘I was the keyholder and I was called out at 2.50 am.’
    • ‘They had to wait some time before the keyholder turned up.’
    • ‘The information will be available to police control rooms and council environmental health officers and enable keyholders to be contacted more quickly.’
    • ‘Unless your alarm activates, the emergency services may not immediately know who your keyholders are.’
    • ‘Essex Police hold details of keyholders for premises in Essex so that a responsible person may be contacted if the property becomes vulnerable or an alarm causes a nuisance through mis-activation.’
    • ‘The keyholder may not be aware that his key was misused.’
    • ‘The crew was met by the factory's keyholder who told the firefighters that no staff were in the factory and outlined the nature of the spilled chemicals.’
    • ‘However, a keyholder was found, pest control were called in and the building has been temporarily sealed off.’
    • ‘The council also keeps a confidential register of names and contact details of keyholders for intruder alarms.’
    • ‘Having volunteered as a keyholder you need to know the whereabouts of the owner should they need to be contacted.’
    • ‘The school broke up for Easter on Friday, but keyholders were immediately called to the scene.’
    • ‘Residents are advised to fit a cut-out and re-set device to the alarm, tell their neighbours when they go on holiday, and give the council and police contact details of keyholders (which is a free service).’
    • ‘The network will include an alarm receiving centre which will be notified of any activated burglar alarms on the system so that it can notify police or keyholders.’
    • ‘They called the fire crews at around 2.15 am but they were unable to get into the building until a keyholder arrived.’