Definition of key industry in English:

key industry


  • An industry that is essential to the functioning of others, such as the manufacture of machine tools.

    • ‘Furthermore, a serious decline in harvests in the late 1970s and a slow-down in production in some key industries suggested a general climate of economic stagnation.’
    • ‘Though the initial rebellion began with campesinos, unrest is spreading throughout Mexico because of planned and rumored privatizations of key industries like telecommunications and energy.’
    • ‘Brown moves up from senior director of competitive business to managing director of industries and she is working on a inquiry into Scotland's key industries of the future.’
    • ‘The government has had some success in keeping credit flowing to key industries like transportation and energy while restricting the overall supply.’
    • ‘How ironic it would be if he were to be the first Prime Minister in 40 years to renationalise a key industry.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, despite his earlier intention to disengage government from industry, Heath was forced to rescue a number of key industries which were failing because of Britain's increasing economic difficulties.’
    • ‘And increased globalisation means workers in key industries are now required to be in contact with overseas colleagues and customers long past regular working hours.’
    • ‘Long-term state control of key industries has bred inefficiency and corruption.’
    • ‘It made people in government realise that this is one of our key industries and it needs long-term investment as well as short-term relief.’
    • ‘This would work for the good of their businesses in key industries such as mining and agriculture.’
    • ‘The institute said Beijing's austerity measures are not aimed at the whole economy but target several key industries.’
    • ‘Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is calling for the privatization of key industries, including oil and banking.’
    • ‘American investment in France shot up in 1961 and peaked in 1962-5, saturating key industries such as chemicals, engineering, electrical goods, farm machinery, and food processing.’
    • ‘They are the number one enterprise software vendor in a number of key industries across Asia Pacific and in China, such as banking, financial markets, education, communications& media and process manufacturing.’
    • ‘No doubt, manpower in science and technology determines the nation's international competitiveness, and the worrisome trend has already dealt a blow to the manufacturing business, the key industry of the country.’
    • ‘So here we have an important bill, fundamental to one of our key industries - the dairy industry - yet the Government has been sitting on it for several years.’
    • ‘Other key industries in Japan's economy are mining non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, shipbuilding, aerospace, textiles, and processed foods.’
    • ‘The post-war Labour government introduced popular reforms which laid the basis of the welfare state and nationalized key industries.’
    • ‘Since then, similar productivity levels have been imposed via the unions across a range of key industries, including mining, telecommunications and manufacturing.’
    • ‘Recent data indicate that there has been a sharp decline in the number of employers providing structured training in key industries - including manufacturing, construction, finance and mining.’