Definition of Keuper in English:



  • [mass noun] A European series of sedimentary rocks of Upper Triassic age, represented in England chiefly by marls and sandstones:

    [as modifier] ‘the red Keuper marls’
    • ‘The basins that contain the Keuper formed in part of the Atlantic rift system, where it extends into Europe.’
    • ‘These are the Bunter, Muschelkalk and Keuper formations, which he grouped into the Trias, and today this is called the Triassic System.’
    • ‘Lower Keuper sandstones contain a high percentage of cements and are therefore very susceptible to weathering damages.’
    • ‘Well crystallized illite, and chlorite are the most predominant clay minerals in the Keuper rocks, followed in amount by very well crystallized kaolinite, and palygorskite.’
    • ‘These are layers of Keuper Marl, a reddish-brown clay with some shaley bands within, which are 1,200 feet thick in places.’


Mid 19th century (originally a miners' term): German.