Definition of ketogenic in English:



  • Relating to or causing ketogenesis.

    ‘if you are supplying less than 100 grams of glucose, you will be putting your body into a ketogenic state’
    • ‘Leucine and lysine are ketogenic amino acids.’
    • ‘However, while both the Atkins and South Beach low-carb diets warn people not to stay in the extremely low-carbohydrate ketogenic "induction" phase for more than two weeks, many people, like your friend, choose to do so for months.’
    • ‘The main pathway for tyrosine degradation involves conversion to fumarate and acetoacetate, allowing phenylalanine and tyrosine to be classified as both glucogenic and ketogenic.’
    • ‘The products of this reaction are both ketogenic (acetyl-CoA) and glucogenic (pyruvate).’
    • ‘Fourteen of the 20 amino acids are glucogenic; two are ketogenic; and four are partly glucogenic and partly ketogenic.’


Early 20th century: from ketone + -genic.