Definition of ketogenesis in English:



mass nounPhysiology
  • The production of ketone bodies during the metabolism of fats.

    ‘deficiencies in this enzyme lead to reduced fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis’
    • ‘When insulin levels are sufficiently low to permit ketone-body production, increased glucagon levels further stimulate ketogenesis.’
    • ‘Ketogenesis takes place primarily in the liver and may by affected by several factors:’
    • ‘Fasting, or actually carbohydrate restriction, works principally through reduced insulin levels and elevated free fatty acid levels, which foster ketogenesis.’
    • ‘However, in human starvation (or in the setting of diet-induced ketogenesis), the body "keto-adapts" and glucose requirements of most tissues drop to almost nil.’
    • ‘A diet extremely high in protein and fat with very little carbohydrate intake may induce ketogenesis.’


Early 20th century: from ketone + genesis.