Definition of keto acid in English:

keto acid


  • A compound whose molecule contains both a carboxyl group (—COOH) and a ketone group (—CO—).

    • ‘It is now known that the alternative pathway becomes more activated when the AOX protein is reduced and when specific keto acids, for example, pyruvate, are present in sufficiently high concentration.’
    • ‘Lipoic acid catalyzes the decarboxylation of [alpha] keto acids in the Krebs cycle.’
    • ‘The unsaturated glucuronyl residues released by the action of the unsaturated glucuronyl hydrolases are nonenzymatically converted to keto acids.’
    • ‘It also suggests that there is an important role for the transporters of amino and keto acids and of NH 3 across the membranes separating the different compartments, particularly across the mitochondria and chloroplasts.’


keto acid