Definition of kete in English:



  • A traditional Maori basket, typically woven from flax.

    ‘she weaves kete and wall hangings using natural dyes’
    • ‘Silver and paua pendants in a koru design photographed on a kete’
    • ‘I tell them things my grandparents taught me: how to behave on the rocks collecting food at low tide, and how to make a kete.’
    • ‘The paved areas continue the kete and weaving themes both conceptually and physically.’
    • ‘It don't take much and it don't cost a kete full of cash to spread a little spring joy with a Random Act of Kindness.’
    • ‘This is the little flax kete (bag) I picked up at Trash Palace last week for $2!’
    • ‘I exhausted myself and my kete of ideas.’
    • ‘She doesn't seem interested in the flax kete I have made for her.’
    • ‘It's as if an angel made a divine appointment to show me what a kete of kindness can do for a flock of lost little lambs.’
    • ‘The carving behind him shows the figure holding a kete (flax woven bag) and has a dog.’
    • ‘I am not a weaver of baskets (having only the basic knowledge for how to weave a kete which is different from a 'bowl' or 'nest' shape).’


Early 19th century: Maori.