Definition of kereru in English:



  • A New Zealand pigeon which has mainly greenish metallic plumage with white underparts and a purplish-crimson bill and feet.

    Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, family Columbidae. Alternative name: New Zealand pigeon

    • ‘The New Zealand pigeon is thriving as a result of this initiative and the North Island robin, introduced in 1997, has already produced young.’
    • ‘There were trees over hanging the pool, and as we lay back we were entertained by a kereru and a tui in the branches.’
    • ‘It has a very high diversity and good numbers of native birds, including tui, bellbird, weka, yellow-breasted tit, robin, rifleman, brown creeper, fantail, kereru, grey warbler, and silvereye.’
    • ‘The venue was gorgeous, my tent was right on the edge of the bush, with kereru, korimako and tui in the bushes, and ruru at night.’
    • ‘Have I mentioned that my favourite New Zealand bird is the kereru, the native wood pigeon?’
    • ‘We did see a tui and a kereru in Cornwall Park today.’
    • ‘Possums can munch half a pound of foliage a day and prey on the eggs and chicks of endangered birds like the kokako, kereru, and kiwi.’
    • ‘A kereru whooshed overhead this morning and a korimako was chiming from the branches of a nearby tree.’
    • ‘In these forests the future now belongs to the kereru, the kiwi and the kaka.’


Late 19th century: from Maori.