Definition of kerbstone in English:


(North American, US curbstone)


  • A long, narrow stone or concrete block, laid end to end with others to form a kerb.

    • ‘Flagstones, kerbstones and garden walls all sank into the huge hole and one man had been forced to use his back door instead of the front.’
    • ‘Urban Britain, with its street lights and kerbstones, has twisted its fingers into every fibre of rural England's pelt.’
    • ‘Along with flags and painted kerbstones they mark out paramilitary territory.’
    • ‘White picket fencing, kerbstones around plots and over-elaborate flower beds were also to be stopped in a bid to tidy up cemeteries.’
    • ‘The kerbstone looks to be some 3 or 4 inches high.’
    • ‘There are quarries nearby and what they haven't sold is used for kerbstones.’
    • ‘Walking through London, I've seen symbols carved into the kerbstones.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the hill, as the road swerved away to the right, the trailer and our precious oil tank decided to go straight on, the towbar crashing into the kerbstone, sending the whole works spinning into the undergrowth.’
    • ‘The giant kerbstones came from several miles away.’
    • ‘They were laying kerbstones as a safety measure because the stretch of road is one of Swindon's most notorious accident hotspots.’
    • ‘The passage tombs are most often set on a hilltop inside a large circular mound surrounded by kerbstones.’
    • ‘I expect City of York Council will also think it appropriate to drill these meters into the wide granite kerbstones that line the street.’
    • ‘They claim paths have broken and uneven kerbstones and the grids are blocked up, especially in the back streets, and want the council to clean and maintain them properly.’
    • ‘The sharpness of the kerbstones has caused damage to tyres.’
    • ‘Once the system is in place, the fastest-moving vehicles will take lane closest to the footpath or kerbstones on the left.’
    • ‘The young people want a hard surface area with kerbstones or similar for skateboarding.’
    • ‘Plans have been drawn up to delineate the two small plots with some form of kerbstone and allow for a headstone to be erected.’
    • ‘They are full of cracked or misaligned paving slabs or kerbstones, running fissures and uneven surfaces everywhere.’
    • ‘Both fell to the ground; one of them tripped over a kerbstone, fell backwards, fractured his scull and died shortly afterwards.’
    • ‘You see the solitary old Indian gentleman, sitting out on the kerbstone everyday, staring vacantly into nowhere, thinking of India no doubt.’