Definition of keratinous in English:



  • Containing or made from keratin.

    • ‘The wing spurs are keratinous structures that grow anteriorly from the carpal-metacarpal joints.’
    • ‘In addition to the tubules, the epithelial cells may also form nests, cords, single cells, micropapillae, and keratinous cysts.’
    • ‘In both skin and hair care products, the liberated carbon dioxide also functions to facilitate the delivery of active or functional substances to keratinous substrates, such as skin and hair.’
    • ‘Strictly, the exoskeleton is restricted to keratinous elements such as horns, nails, claws, hairs, feathers, etc.’
    • ‘A punch biopsy of an alopecic patch on his scalp showed pigment casts with keratinous debris in the follicles, distortion of the hair shafts, and an increased number of catagen hairs.’