Definition of Kentish plover in English:

Kentish plover


  • A small white-breasted plover related to the ringed plover, found on most continents.

    Charadrius alexandrinus, family Charadriidae; American races are sometimes treated as a different species. North American name: snowy plover

    • ‘An estimated 1.5 million eared grebes, 50,000 Wilson's phalaropes, 50,000 California gulls, and 200 snowy plovers visit Mono Lake each spring and summer.’
    • ‘A short description of each of the ESA-listed marine birds is provided below, except for the western snowy plover, a shorebird that does not occur in the area of whaling activities.’
    • ‘Researchers from six countries studied three shorebird species - western sandpipers, Kentish plovers, and Common sandpipers - that are both socially and genetically monogamous.’
    • ‘He's in search of Western snowy plovers - sparrow-size shorebirds with a sand-colored back, white belly, and jaunty dark patches on each cheek - which are nesting this month along the beaches of the Pacific Coast.’
    • ‘During the past decade, over 80 Kentish plovers have been recorded in Norfolk and Suffolk; the majority in May.’


Early 19th century: so named because of its first discovery in Kent, but now extinct in Britain.