Definition of keg in English:



  • 1A small barrel, especially one of less than 10 gallons or (in the US) 30 gallons.

    • ‘Aside from that there was a large barrel of mead and a keg of fine ale.’
    • ‘A keg of beer sat in a shiny galvanized tub in the shade.’
    • ‘It involved lugging bins of scraps, changing kegs of radioactive dishwasher detergent and, worst of all, trying to clean a mountain of pans.’
    • ‘So I walked into the kitchen and filled up another glass of beer from the keg.’
    • ‘Making butter, salting it, and packing it in wooden kegs for the Honolulu market required skill and ingenuity.’
    • ‘The wrong gas system will cause beer inside kegs to go flat or get foamy at the end of every keg.’
    • ‘After this it will be stored for conditioning, filtered, then packaged in bottles, cans or kegs.’
    • ‘In the early days of quarrying, one-foot holes were made and whole kegs of gunpowder used in blasting.’
    • ‘One of his examples was the case of a brewer who sold kegs of beer to alehouses on credit but charged a price high enough to cover an interest charge and the risk of default.’
    • ‘It is very difficult to weigh or otherwise measure the contents of a keg of beer to determine consumption.’
    • ‘He will know how many pints can be got out of a keg of beer, and what percentage can be attributed to ‘evaporation’.’
    • ‘The monthly output of the brewery stands at 20 million bottles, 3 million cans and 80 000 kegs of beer.’
    • ‘On top of that there were also three kegs of beer.’
    • ‘As to gifts, among those given to Charles was a five-litre keg of muscat brandy, vintage 1996.’
    • ‘The owners of this bar have been very good to us, and occasionally even send down kegs of beer in the summer for special parties.’
    • ‘They wrestled against the back cupboard, knocking a keg of ale to the floor.’
    • ‘Scott had ordered a keg of beer and that was that.’
    • ‘It was a sad day because it was a very old pub with its traditional style of old furniture, beer kegs, liquor bottles, grocery products and photographs.’
    • ‘Lauren returned with a few bottles of wine and Gregory with a large keg of ale.’
    • ‘With the beer keg now open, the partygoers downed some schnapps and attacked the beer.’
    barrel, cask, vat, butt, tun, drum, hogshead, firkin, tub, tank, container, vessel
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    1. 1.1 A pressurized metal barrel with a valve at one end, used to store and dispense beer or other carbonated drinks.
      ‘beer is delicious pumped from a keg’


Early 17th century: variant of Scots and US dialect cag, from Old Norse kaggi.