Definition of keeping place in English:

keeping place


  • An Aboriginal cultural centre dedicated to the preservation of traditional Aboriginal culture, artefacts, etc.

    ‘the site also features an art gallery and an indigenous keeping place’
    • ‘Safely stored away in a keeping place, the good self-object is well guarded against destructive impulses.’
    • ‘They have teamed up with scientists to preserve their art and ancestry in digital format; it's very much a keeping place.’
    • ‘They hope to build a "keeping place" to safeguard the footprints of their ancestral families.’
    • ‘The situation is complicated by erosion at the lake and the need to construct a special "keeping place" for the bones.’
    • ‘The aim is for Anangu people to compile the material themselves, without outside help, and store it in a digital "keeping place" of their own design.’
    • ‘The development also features an Indigenous keeping place and resource centre.’
    • ‘For many years, that return anticipated the establishment of a special Keeping Place—a dignified and secure repository for all skeletal remains removed from the world heritage area.’
    • ‘The current keeping place at the national park is being upgraded to improve its cultural appropriateness.’
    • ‘Architectural interpretations of Aboriginal identity in the design of keeping places and other buildings play an important role in informing how Aboriginality is perceived.’
    • ‘The sacred object will be brought forth from a keeping place and related to the novice during initiation rituals.’