Definition of keeping in English:



  • [mass noun] The action or fact of owning, maintaining, or protecting something:

    ‘the keeping of dogs’
    [in combination] ‘careful record-keeping is needed’
    • ‘Partnership law and partnership record keeping can be difficult to follow and understand.’
    • ‘Each piece of legislation inevitably presents another bundle of bureaucracy in the form of record keeping and administration - and additional costs.’
    • ‘The keeping of proper financial records will aid a business to monitor its own performance, but of course, it is also a legal necessity.’
    • ‘We wanted to commend our operations, our loved ones and ourselves to God's care and keeping.’
    • ‘No matter what job search strategies you choose, follow-up and record keeping are important for success.’
    • ‘We commend him into your care and keeping now and forever more, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘He's given some to his most trusted companions for safe keeping, transferred some to more secret and more protected hiding places.’
    • ‘His research is thorough and complete, even to the point of documenting the incomplete record keeping of German flying squadrons.’
    • ‘Their main task was game keeping, restoration of the game populations and reaching of admissible reserves of the separate types of game.’
    • ‘Accurate daily record keeping is useful for both your health care team and family to assist you with managing your diabetes.’
    • ‘The economics of small-time pig keeping were simple and profitable.’
    • ‘This method of inventory control and record keeping is simple and cost effective.’
    safe keeping, care, custody, charge, keep, possession, trust, protection, safeguard
    guardianship, trusteeship, tutelage, supervision, protectorship
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