Definition of keeping in English:



mass noun
  • The action or fact of owning, maintaining, or protecting something.

    ‘the keeping of dogs’
    in combination ‘careful record-keeping is needed’
    • ‘Partnership law and partnership record keeping can be difficult to follow and understand.’
    • ‘Each piece of legislation inevitably presents another bundle of bureaucracy in the form of record keeping and administration - and additional costs.’
    • ‘Accurate daily record keeping is useful for both your health care team and family to assist you with managing your diabetes.’
    • ‘No matter what job search strategies you choose, follow-up and record keeping are important for success.’
    • ‘This method of inventory control and record keeping is simple and cost effective.’
    • ‘Their main task was game keeping, restoration of the game populations and reaching of admissible reserves of the separate types of game.’
    • ‘The keeping of proper financial records will aid a business to monitor its own performance, but of course, it is also a legal necessity.’
    • ‘He's given some to his most trusted companions for safe keeping, transferred some to more secret and more protected hiding places.’
    • ‘His research is thorough and complete, even to the point of documenting the incomplete record keeping of German flying squadrons.’
    • ‘The economics of small-time pig keeping were simple and profitable.’
    • ‘We commend him into your care and keeping now and forever more, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘We wanted to commend our operations, our loved ones and ourselves to God's care and keeping.’
    safe keeping, care, custody, charge, keep, possession, trust, protection, safeguard
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  • in someone's keeping

    • In someone's care or custody.

      ‘in their keeping were some of the oldest songs of the tribe’
      • ‘A business that failed to set aside the appropriate insurance premiums for such risks would rightly be considered to be endangering the wealth-producing assets in its keeping.’
      • ‘Now I wanted it in my keeping even less, and my face must have shown this.’
      • ‘The cramped interior has created several problems for him, not least of which is the inability to display a significant proportion of the items in his keeping.’
      • ‘I'm sure that two slightly dodgy copies of eighteenth-century portraits and casts of busts of Sir Walter and Napoleon would be quite safe in my keeping.’
      • ‘Northern Ireland were the last winners of this sadly defunct competition and the elaborate silver cup is in their keeping.’
      • ‘They're in my keeping for the moment, but actually belong to other knitters.’
      • ‘She must be having fits now that she knows I have you in my keeping.’
      • ‘The question remains: how should museum curators and historians interpret those trophies of cultural imperialism that remain in their keeping?’
      • ‘Lady Wishfort, who now hates Mirabell, will deprive her niece of the half of the inheritance which is in her keeping if Millamant marries Mirabell.’
      • ‘He was kind to animals and ensured quality care for them while they were in his keeping.’
  • in (or out of) keeping with

    • In (or out of) harmony or conformity with.

      ‘the cuisine is in keeping with the hotel's Edwardian character’
      • ‘The finish on the buildings will be different but harmonious and in keeping with the main house.’
      • ‘But people living in the area say the building is not big enough for that many people to live in comfortably and fear the hostel would be out of keeping with the area which mainly consists of private housing.’
      • ‘The new building is wholly out of keeping with the environment.’
      • ‘A 17-storey tower block standing well above any of the surrounding historic buildings of Little Germany would, it was felt, have dominated the area and been entirely out of keeping with the architecture around it.’
      • ‘This is a noble sentiment and entirely in keeping with the true spirit of the Olympics.’
      • ‘Planning permission was refused for five detached houses because they were out of keeping with the surrounding listed cottages and because of the loss of trees.’
      • ‘I would suggest this development is totally out of keeping with the other houses along this part of Somerset Road.’
      • ‘As with other settlement bills, its format is in keeping with what has gone before.’
      • ‘The bridge is an eyesore and is totally out of keeping with the natural beauty and harmony of the river valley.’
      • ‘The events at Hoghton have to be appropriate to the setting and in keeping with the house.’
      consistent with, in harmony with, in accord with, in accordance with, in agreement with, in line with, in character with, true to, compatible with, congruent with, commensurate with
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