Definition of keep tabs (or a tab) on in English:

keep tabs (or a tab) on


  • Monitor the activities or development of; keep under observation.

    ‘they liked to keep tabs on their former employees’
    • ‘Even though I've not been directly involved, I was still keeping a tab on how it worked out.’
    • ‘And, exactly for this reason, he had been keeping a tab on what is happening on the board of his immediate challenger.’
    • ‘It receives contributions from local people and takes particular relish in keeping tabs on the activities of the local council.’
    • ‘She keeps tabs on who's checking out and who's staying on, and reports to Ross each morning.’
    • ‘In the car, monitoring equipment keeps tabs on the state of the engine.’
    • ‘Under these guidelines the banks are supposed to keep a tab on money laundering activities by its customers.’
    • ‘This would enable the council's planning enforcement officers and police to keep tabs on which establishments were opening too late.’
    • ‘A governing body kept tabs on what the public was watching, and there was constant dialogue with the producers of the shows.’
    • ‘He studies draft prospects and keeps tabs on their development.’
    • ‘Judging and keeping tabs on who or what is cool and who is a sellout is a tremendous waste of time.’