Definition of keep on at in English:

keep on at

phrasal verb

  • Annoy (someone) by making frequent requests.

    ‘he'd kept on at her, wanting her to go out with him’
    • ‘My dad keeps on at me about getting better marks at school, but wants me to help around the house.’
    • ‘She'd keep on at me to get it done straight away and I couldn't see the point.’
    • ‘We need to keep on at people to encourage them to remember to be responsible.’
    • ‘All of my friends had girlfriends and kept on at me to find one myself, but I never looked at girls like that.’
    • ‘He just kept on at me the whole time, trying to pressure me and get me to go back to the business and leave hospital.’
    • ‘We will keep on at them until they release financial figures which they promised in the first place.’
    • ‘We just keep on at them until they get fed up and do something.’
    • ‘His wife kept on at him to get rid of it, so he did the next best thing and buried the bike, sidecar and all.’
    • ‘I was cleaning the car as he said, but he kept on at me, finding fault.’
    • ‘I keep on at the players to listen, practice, work hard and take it on to the pitch in every game.’
    nag, go on at, keep at, harp on at, badger, chivvy, harass, hound, bully, pester, scold
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