Definition of keep on in English:

keep on

phrasal verb

  • Continue to do something.

    ‘he kept on moving’
    • ‘We just let him play in the morning for a while, but he kept on asking when his dad was coming to take him out for presents.’
    • ‘Aware of all the falsity and all the impossibility of the situation, he still kept on applauding!’
    • ‘I have always been a bit slow on the uptake, and I just kept on looking at the board and waiting for it to make sense.’
    • ‘I kept on waiting until my tummy began to complain and then I shucked on my coat and went out to investigate.’
    • ‘She kept on trying to talk to me in English even if her vocabulary was pretty limited.’
    • ‘When she was younger, I kept on telling her to elope and then return to tell everyone she was married.’
    • ‘He kept on falling over and he got kicked in the ribs, and once in the head.’
    • ‘This was January and I was positive I would be dead by March if I kept on taking drugs.’
    • ‘He was challenged by police and ordered to put the weapon down but kept on walking.’
    • ‘I thought it odd that he kept on going into the soft dunes and not on the harder sand near the water.’
    continue, go on, carry on, persist in, persevere in, keep going with
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